Design and production

In designing nail-plated timber roof trusses, we cooperate closely with Mait Jürgens (a responsible designer verified by Inspecta Certification).

Ask for additional information about designing nail-plated timber roof trusses from Mait Jürgens via e-mail at

Here is a short overview of the process of ordering and producing nail-plated roof trusses.

1. You send us the design drawings of a building for which you require truss-beams. Our truss price calculation is based on the design drawings for the building for which you require truss-beams. You may forward the design drawings via e-mail as .dwg or pdf. or on paper via fax.

2. We prepare a price quotation for you on the basis of the drawings. We send you a price quotation based on the information provided in the design drawings about the roof construction, application load, final finishing materials, etc. The first consultation with the designer.

3. Order confirmation from the client, entering into a purchase and sale contract. If you are happy with our price quotation, we ask that you accept the quotation and confirm your order (this involves entering into a purchase and sale contract).

4. Designing the trusses. The designer prepares the final truss design on the basis of the building’s design drawings you sent earlier. In the case of simple rooves (ordinary gable roof in case of which the entire building can be covered with a single type of trusses), the project documentation consists of a single design drawing. In the case of larger, e.g., hipped rooves, the volume of the forwarded design documentation is greater since the set may include approximately 10–30 different truss-beams. In the case of larger rooves, we will also forward you the roof design drawing with trusses marked on it.

5. Production of trusses. After the final truss design drawing has been completed, it will be immediately forwarded to the production department where the timber will be crosscut and installation works started. Depending on the number of trusses, a roof set may be completed in a few days or 3–4 weeks.