OÜ Rebruk GH was established in 2007a. and it grew out of AS Rebruk (est. in 1993) which was cultivating a wider profile at the time and has turned into a holding company by now.

Through long-term continuous product development, we can offer a wide range of products, from timber elements to nail-plated timber roof trusses, and planing materials. Our products are best characterized by traditional Nordic quality adapted to Estonian conditions.

Our employees are specialists with many years of experience in their field, who deal with the construction of timber buildings on a daily basis. Continuous training ensures that they are able to handle new materials and tools.

By utilizing the know-how, capabilities and experience of the Norwegian parent company AS Fjell Bruk Technology Group in manufacturing high quality products and solving projects, OÜ Rebruk GH offers modern products and services to its customers and partners.