Roof trusses

OÜ Rebruk GH started producing roof trusses back in 1993 when our Norwegian partners wanted to improve their garage set solution in connection to the sharp rise in the market demand for timber-element garages.

The standard product items became the 22° and 30° inclined roof trusses.

Today we manufacture roof trusses according to the standard EVS-EN 14250:2010. Our roofing systems are manufactured in a modern production plant, which has been in operation since 2006. August.

It takes up to a week to manufacture the roof trusses, depending on the size and specification of the order.

All roof trusses are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty for up to 2 years.

Transport within Estonia up to one week, abroad 2-3 weeks depending on location.

Payment on account is available for orders of €10 000 or more.